29 March 2011

A Virtuous Tweed Ride- Portland!

Recently Portland held the first of two Tweed Rides, naming this one 'The Virtuous Tweed Ride'. Without any further ado -- sharing but a mere sampling of photos from the ride...

 The Virtuous Tweed Ride by BikeRanger shared by RidingPretty
[photographer: Jonathan Maus - BikePortland.org]

The Virtuous Tweed Ride by RyNo Downhil shared by RidingPretty
[photographer: RyNO DownHill - flickr ]

The Virtuous Tweed Ride by WillVanlue shared by RidingPretty
[photographer: Will Vanlue - The Prudent Cyclist / flickr]

The Virtuous Tweed Ride by BikePorland.org  shared by RidingPretty
xxxxx shared by RidingPretty
[photographer: David Haines - BikeRanger]

These happen to be my particular favorites, and it was extremely hard to narrow it down to just these few. There were so many photos to savor from this ride! Four different photographers are represented here, each one has a slew of great photos. You owe to yourself to visit each of the bold red hyperlinks beneath each photo to see more from that photographer. Enjoy!

Now to look forward to the second upcoming Portland Tweed Ride - Vice!
It is coming up immediately, as in this weekend April 2nd. I can only imagine how wondrous that ride will be (and the photos)!