22 March 2011

Shopping for the Tweed Run – Good Finds on Etsy

Are you going to the London Tweed Run or any of the other many Tweed Rides that are coming up? Well, here are some ideas for you -- perhaps last minute, just in the nick of time, shopping tips to help you locate some stylish items for your ride.

Tweed Run! Shopping with Etsy Shops shared by RidingPretty
(please click on the image to go to this page on Etsy)

Have you been looking for a Tweed jacket, brogues, leather saddlebags, a cape, knickers, bow tie or even a tweed corset...or perhaps that knit pattern for argyle socks? Have a look then.

I created this for all of you, ever mindful of the requests I've received from you asking where the good places are to shop for special vintage or beautiful bespoke items.
Well Enjoy! I had so much fun doing this-- Oh yes, I already want to do another one!

p.s the man modeling the Tweed Jacket is actually going to the London Tweed Run!