22 August 2010

Riding Your Bicycle To the Sea

Riding your bicycle to the sea - can anything seem more lovely?

Bicycle by the Sea shared by ridingpretty

When I think of all the plethora of images of girls and their bicycles, I smile. I have featured a good many such romanticized images here on RidingPretty, as you may well have discerned by now. Yes, I really like the beautifully romantic ones like this one I am sharing with you today. I get so very much inspired!

It wasn’t always so easy to find the romantic photo of a girl and her bicycle, say for instance a photo showing her on a picnic outing or riding on a country road. What I’ve discovered - starting with the fashion, then the lifestyle commercial photographers, is that this niche genre of photo started popping up a little, then more and then way more! When there is a good thing - it gets widely emulated, and well it should! Photographers are staging shoots with girls and their bicycles in the country side, on picnics (lots of picnic baskets spread out on picnic blankets). Lots of beautifully captured moments – happily frolicking moments, looking reflective moments, sharing looks between girlfriends moments. Oh, and girls with balloons on their bicycles, lots of balloons on bicycle. Romanticized bicycle images are showing up everywhere!

Seems like everyone’s got a good idea for a girl and her bicycle shot! Tumblr is the “goto” for tons of photos of girls with bicycles. Just about every image every published on the web ends up on somebody’s Tumblr page. Added into the mix now are all of the beautiful self captured moments of (all the newer/newish) bicycle bloggers doing their own photo shares. All their (maybe even your) romantically themed photos eventually end up on these Tumblr pages... I am politely guessing?

It’s all fun. If I weren’t so lazy this summer I’d have been off capturing more shots of my own idealized, perfect bicycle picnic outing. Hey, that’s not such a bad idea.