14 July 2010

Cycling in Style. Rules of the Ride.

Original post via Transition Leicester Blogsite

Cycling in Style. A Bicycle Ride and Picnic for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Sunday August 8th 2010. Leaving from Cyclemagic at 10.30am

A bicycle ride and picnic for people riding machines of a type available prior to 1973. Riders MUST be in a costume to match the period of their bike. There will also be a freewheeling competition en route.

Some bicycles may be available to hire from Cyclemagic for £5.

Rules of the ride.

The ride will leave at 10.30am prompt. Late arrivals will incur a fine of 10/-*

Failure to wear a hat or headscarf will incur a fine of 10/-

Furious cycling will incur a fine of 10/-

The use of language likely to upset a vicar’s wife will incur a fine of 10/-

A gentleman overtaking a lady cyclist without first asking permission may be deemed to be ungentlemanly.

Ungentlemanly behaviour will incur a fine of 10/-

Whistling songs recorded by any modern popular beat combo will incur a fine of 10/-

Any conversation concerning the mechanical design or operation of a bicycle will incur a fine of 10/- **

Anyone completing the entire ride without being fined will incur a fine of 10/-

All fines to be imposed by the Ride Captain.

All money collected will be donated to a local charity.

* Or 50 pence in the new money.

** With the exception being during any necessary roadside repair

p.s. Santa Cruz, like Leicester is also a Transition Community