14 June 2010

Summer SeerSucker and Bicycles

summer searsucker and bicycles by ridingpretty
Summer seersucker bicycle riding outfit

summer searsucker and bicycles
My closet is brimming full of summer seersuckers.

Ah, what I would have worn to the recent SeerSucker Social with the Dandies and Quaintrelles in Washington DC - if I'd been fortunate enough to have been able to attend!!

summer searsucker social and bicycles shared by ridingpretty

Goodness, my closet is shouting out screaming wear me, wear me! - in seersucker - I have one jacket dress suit (see top photo) one pink strapless dress, one skirt, one jumpsuit/romper, one halter top, one classic RL man shirt. I didn't know I was a such seersucker fan until I recently organized my closet and the truth came out.

p.s. as summer progresses I will attempt to do a little more self timed shots to docu/share with you some of my 'seersucker days' on my bicycle.