01 June 2010

DIY - Attach a Wine Crate to Your Bicycle Rack

Here's a simple DIY. It's a Wine Crate or basically how to attach one to your back bicycle rack. A reader wanted to know more about mine, so here goes...

Wine box on your Bike DIY by ridingpretty

The really hard part is finding a good quality wine crate. The one I have is solid oak. I looked for a good year before I came across this one. It is just the right size to fit on my back rack.

Wine box on your Bike DIY by ridingpretty

Now comes the bungee cord part. You want to find ones that are the right size, so they loop and attach with just the right amount of tension to hold the wine crate secure.

Wine box on your Bike DIY

Next you want to thread the bungee cord so as to make it be as inconspicuous as possible - for aesthetic reasons! I fiddled around for some time to find the right method to keep it nicely concealed, yet sturdily doing it's job.

Wine box on your Bike DIY

Lastly for added flourish and panache I use my own DIY sourced cargo straps. I scoured around (thrift stores) to find D ring belts like the one above and the one bellow. I use them in all types of ways. The pretty flower belt (above) always seems to go on my wine crate to hold things in place, and as you may well have noticed here and here. .

Wine box on your Bike DIY

This super rugged D ring belt is used to roll my picnic blanket - which I take with me whenever I go for county picnic outings on my bicycle.

Hope you liked this super simple DIY. AND Thank Goodness for thrift stores.



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