01 April 2010

March Tweed Rides-Memphis, Buffalo, Coral Gables, LA, Sacramento, Berkeley

March was another fantastic month for Tweed Rides - Memphis TN, Buffalo NY then Coral Gables FL to start...

Tweed Ride Memphis shared by ridingpretty

(Memphis Tweed Ride - photo by Danny Wilson)

(Coral Gables Tweed Ride - video by Francisco Moraga and via miambikescene)

Tweed Ride Buffalo shared by ridingpretty

Buffalo Tweed Ride - photo by
Maki Tanigaki


Over to the West Coast for more Tweed Rides! - Sacramento, Los Angeles and last but not least SF /Berkeley...

Tweed Ride Sacramento shared by ridingpretty

( Sacramento Tweed Ride - photo by JenPK)

Tweed Ride Los Angeles shared by ridingpretty

(Los Angeles Tweed Ride - photo by kr_cn

(Berkeley Tweed Ride - video by

All and all another good month for Tweed Rides I'd say!

Do check out the photo credits/ hyperlinks to see more photos.
Tweed Rides are FUN!