21 April 2010

How to Organize a Tweed Ride

Just today I was contacted for advice on how to organize a Tweed Ride. Now I'd already given advice to a couple of others wondering the same exact thing...but alas I couldn't locate those prior emails I'd written.

What you see below is the verbatim reiteration of the email I sent off earlier today;

"Regarding how to organize a Tweed Ride, you can start by gleaning bits of info from other ride organizers by reading all the comments under The Tweed Report.

So far, setting up your face book is good! People really seem to like FB. Or you can put up your own localized Tweed Ride Blog for your ride. If you click on each of the invites it will give you an idea as to how others have set up their rides.

More random thoughts----People love winning prizes, so giving away prizes and finding prize sponsors are good. Making it into a Charity Ride and doing an auction is also being done. Contacting all your local papers and TV news station helps get the word out as well.

As far as the ride goes I’d encourage attracting newbie riders. I see yours is xx miles. Try to have an option for slow pokes (I’m a slow poke). Some rides turn into races with all the fit young (mainly) men in the lead and the slow pokes getting left lost in the dust thus wind up frustrated….so this is something to think about.

Also if you see a past ride that seems to match what you are trying to achieve with your ride, why not try contacting the ride organizers for feedback regarding what they think made their ride as successful as it was. Hopefully they’d be happy to share info with you. If you do go that route and get any particularly sage advice please let me know!!!!

Hope this helps!!!!"