17 March 2010

Lane's Raleigh Sprite Bicycle via LugsChicago

lugschicago build shared by ridingpretty

lugschicago build shared by ridingpretty
(photos: LugsChicago)

Sometime back LugsChicago left a comment mentioning he was going to be doing some 'NextGirlFriend' bicycle building -- more in keeping, and with an eye out for rebuilds he could do for the ladies. I responded with sure send some pictures in when you do. Looks like he has kept good on his word...

"I built up this pretty Raleigh Sprite last week. The gem goes to Lane, who looks Divine in the saddle."

Ah..."vintage bicycles", "steel", "lugged", "531", are all words that are pure music to my ears.

Now if you are looking for a vintage bicycle yet don't have the desire to hunt down the bare bones of a 'beautiful bicycle in the making' - let alone have the desire to learn the skills to rebuild it---
Well, see if you can find some one like LugsChicago to give you a hand. It could be a solution for you. I learned (with a lot of help from the Bike Church) how to rebuild my own bicycle. This is not for everyone though.