05 March 2010

Ikebana Flowers - Quirky Bicycle Basket

spring flower bicycle basket by ridingpretty

spring flower bicycle basket by ridingpretty
(photos: ridingpretty)

Girls with their flowers on their bicycle basket! Spring must be around the corner...

I couldn't help but love this artistic floral arrangement attached to the bicycle basket with it's frayed yellow ribbon. I love the three flowers (bright orange, spikey purple and pale blossom pink) mixed in a Japanese inkebana sort of way. I love when old vintage bicycles
are left to patina and rust in the most gorgeous colors, textures and quirky nuances.

just that my aesthetics are not always delighted by what is new and shiny. I heart this other old patina bicycle with it's multi colors like a 'Jacob's many colored coat'.

Did you ever get something brand new and then spend hours de-stressing it and making it look like you had it forever? Now this
ritual didn't lend itself to EVERYTHING I ever got that was new, just these certain things...
I still laugh - how my little de-stressing ritual use to
drive my parents crazy...and now to a certain extent it does the same thing - drives my boyfriend crazy!