06 March 2010

Charity Bicycle Rides

Recently I was asked to help out by giving a little exsposre here on RidingPretty to some upcoming Charity Rides. To be honest I am clueless about the whole Charity Ride thing, so I began by looking for an all purpose calendar that listed ALL the various different rides taking place. I found this Calendar - it is primarily for rides in the US.

Last year I had the 2009 EJF Ride - London to Paris banner on my side bar. Check out the 2010 EJF Ride which you can read all about here!

There was a very nice gentlemen (UK) who emailed in regards to the Prostrate Cancer Ride (I've lost his details but at least remembered his Charity Ride). Another nice gentleman (Canada), emailed me about getting sponsored for the The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride.

As you're probably figuring out right along side me, there are LOTS of good causes and rides in 2010.