21 March 2010

Bicycle Lifestyle Musings

the selby bicycle photo shared by ridingpretty

Yesterday's post about Fergie's closet (and the bike she keeps in there) got me thinking. Surely there are more photos of people's living spaces in which a bicycle can to be found? Because, it’s amazing don’t you think to discover the visual clues that give insights into the lives people live - once a bicycle becomes a part of someone's life! It can be so inspiring!

Admittedly I am a visual person given over to often fantastical, beautiful imagery. I can’t help it. I swoon every time I encounter a photo of a life style that encapsulates the essence (in this case a bicycle lifestyle) that I see myself living - right now!

'Life' and 'style' photos of 'Fulvia Farolfi at home in the hamptons' via The Selby. Of course there is a bicycle included!

the selby bicycle photo shared by ridingpretty

the selby bicycle photo by ridingpretty
(all photos: The Selby)

Maybe one of the reasons I love these bicycle lifestyle photos so much is because the surroundings remind me very much of places I ride around here in Santa Cruz. Plus I can't help but wonder if Fulvia makes a good bouillabaisse*?

*err...my prior reference to