18 February 2010

Bicycle Shorts- SO Many Looks to Consider

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(Teen Vogue Feb 2010)
100% real lycra, Santini cycling shorts / worn underneath jean shorts - Teen Vogue

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(DKNY Spring Summer 2010)

Hot pink cycling shorts and worn underneath nicely tailored shorts- DKNY
"The shorts, dubbed DKNY Smoothies, were inspired by "the whole idea of biking -- put an extra layer"- via the WSJ

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(early adopters - 2nd photo is Agyness Deyn)

Bicycle shorts worn in this way have been making a continuing reappearance, for instance Agyness Deyn (2nd photo) wore this 'jean shorts over bicycle shorts' look in 2008.

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(TopShop Spring Summer 2010)
100% rubber latex 'cycling shorts' / worn underneath jean shorts- TopShop

"Latex gloves are the answer to all your frozen finger sorrows, they’re cheap/free, waterproof and wind resistant and when worn under your nice wooly or leather gloves = happy hands in any weather." via cyclodelic
(So I'm guessing rubber latex will keep your bum nice and toasty as well? !)

Yes, you can believe it! Bicycle shorts are showing up now in shops and magazines! I certainly found no shortage of designers offering variations of the bicycle shorts look.

Some (here, and here) so hate the return of the bicycle short in fashion. Images of 80's Madonna and Demi Moore's 'bicycle shorts' look worn to the Oscar Awards come prominently to mind for many.

Really though, worn with a second pair of shorts thrown on top makes bicycle shorts work! Lycra or any skin tight stretchy fabric (cotton included) is not the most flattering thing to wear, every thing is revealed- every curve, thigh bulge (and um derriere crack) - all being so unforgiving unless you are uber fit. To my eye - leggings, stockings, jeggings, and bicycle shorts just look better with a little cover up, especially in the bum area.

And how practical! You can wear the most padded, official 100% cycling shorts and with a few style inspirations like those shown here alter your whole look... All the while giving yourself ultimate comfort for those long, long rides in the saddle.


Now for a bit less sportif, offering a more feminine, soft look...

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(Spring Summer 2010)

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(early look - Hanneli Mustaparta 2009)

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(Holland House -Spring Summer 2010)

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(Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010)

I definitely hope there was some inspiration in this for you, there sure was for me! Yes, I want to get busy now dreaming up some DIYs . . .