11 December 2009

Slow Food - Happy Birthday ! - Plus Freewheelin' Farm - "Plenty" & Transition Towns

freewheelin farm shared by ridingpretty

freewheelin farm shared by ridingpretty

freewheelin farm shared by ridingpretty
(all photos: Freewheelin Farm)

Terra Madre Day was yesterday! Yes! the 20th anniversary of The Slow Food Movement - and importantly the core seed of all the various Slow Movements that followed.

So with Terra Madre Day being just yesterday and in that same spirit I have some favorites to share with you...

Freewheelin' Farm. How good can it get when you combine sustainable, local, organic farm foods AND delivery by bicycle - hence the name Freewheelin' Farm. Whenever I've witnessed the bike deliveries making it down the highway in to town, it always gives me a Big thrill. Oh, See the photos above, they're all from Freewheelin' Farm.

plenty shared by ridingpretty

Plenty is a book I've just started reading having found a copy at my local library. So far so good.
It s becoming a favorite for me. It explores just what it would mean to eat entirely locally - meaning all your food comes from within a 100 mile radius and you do this for an entire year.

What is so intriguing is that I knew someone soooo many years ago who did just this. So Seth in Taos, New Mexico if you ever, ever come across this, please know my profound respect and amazement. You rock and what an influence you've had on my life.

Transition Santa Cruz is an organization (along with the concept of Transition Towns) that I will be sharing with you more in the future. For now I just wanted to include this little teaser within today's post.

So Happy Terra Madre Day!! To all you Slow Bicycle friends