16 December 2009

My (New) Fav Cycle Chic Photo - Catherine Baba via Tommy Ton

paris bicycle chic shared by ridingpretty
(photocredit: tommy ton)

perfect bohemian luxe, beautiful chic heels, classy bicycle, classy & huge big bicycle panniers (said panniers all the bigger to stuff Paris fashions into)... Yes, it all adds up to make this possibly my most favorite cycle chic photo to date.

I'm so fantasy driven at times. Yet this is more than a fantasy. This woman, Catherine Baba is a well regarded fashion influencer, she actually did bicycle to and fro to the runway shows during the Paris Fashion Week Shows - and she was captured doing so by no less than Tommy Ton of JaknJill. That much of the story is all quite real and that's what makes this such a favorite photo for me.

Now to see this photo in much better detail just click on the image. I know in advance everyone is going to want to know exactly what bicycle she is riding and who makes those excellent panniers she has on her bicycle.

A little more back story on Tommy Ton. He along with a select group of other fashion bloggers are shaking up the established order of just who is winning the hearts and minds of devoted fashion lovers. Old school is to buy a magazine, new school is check in with your favorite fashion blogger. Creme de la Creme fashion bloggers are now being given front row seats at the big couture fashion shows.

Just added a new design that so made me think of Catherine Baba....