28 November 2009

Surfer on a Bike with Surf Board -- Coming Soon in 3D

3D surfer by ridingpretty
Surfer on Bike with Surf Board

Silly, now of course you can only see it in it's 2D version.

The above photo is my first 3D photo taken just yesterday. New camera excitement!
I'm loving learning how to use this new camera (finepix real3D). As far as I know it is not yet really being offered here in the US. I'm happy I get to borrow it from time to time because of the start up company I'm involved in. To appreciate the photo in 3D, there's viewing screen to see it on. Or if the shot turns out especially nice I can get a 3D print made. Should be fun playing with this camera ;)

Historically speaking some of my favorite surfers on bikes with surf boards...

surfer with bike shared by ridingpretty
(photocredit: via life by Bill Eppridge)

XXXXXXXshared by ridingpretty
(surfer girl via getty images)