05 October 2009

Boston Tweed Ride - Bicycle Lovelies! - circa 2009

 Tweed Ride sepia_bikes by tinyhonkhus hosted by RidingPretty.com
(Photocredit: tinyhonkhas / Photosource: Boston Tweed Ride Flickr

Look Again? ...
surely this photo is vintage and has to be from years ago, right?

Ah HA! Yesterday was the Boston Tweed Ride!

This photo along with many other photos, documents the fine ride (which you can read more about over at Chic Cyclist.) To get an enlarged look at this particular dreamy vintage photo visit the photographer who took the shot

Fine and dapper gents and ladies rode through the streets of Boston, so plenty of other photos to inspire you. OOOhh... I'm getting a TWEED rush!!!