12 September 2009

Bicycle Diaries - David Bryne's Book Tour Dates

NYC -Barnes&Noble, Union Square /7pm Tuesday, Sept 22

Austin, TX Paramount Theater /7 pm Sunday Sept 27

Seattle, WA Town Hall /7:30 Monday, Sept 28

San Francisco, CA Herbst Theater /8pm Tuesday Sept 29

Portland, OR Bagdad Theater /7pm Wednesday, Sept 30

Los Angeles, CA Aratani Theater /8pm Friday, Oct 2


From David Byrne’s Publishers/Penguin Group (USA)/Viking:

Bicycle Diaries is David Byrne's celebration of seeing the world from the seat of a bike. Byrne has been riding a bike as his primary means of transportation since the early 80s, at home in NY and on tour overseas. Through a behind-the-handlebars point of view, he describes why cities are physical manifestations of our deepest beliefs and unconscious thoughts, not so much as individuals, but as social animals. In Bicycle Diaries, Byrne takes the reader on a tour across the globe from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Istanbul to San Francisco, Manila to New York) and shares his thoughts on music, urban planning, fashion, architecture, politics, globalization and much more, all through the lens of a perceptive visitor passing through at bike level.

Bicycle Diaries is due to be published on September 21.
For book purchase info: go here and here...Or better yet pedal on over to your local book dealer and purchase your copy there.


I really want to go to the San Francisco to hear David Byrne speak. I will bring my book as well in hopes of getting it signed...I'm a fan of this book!

p.s. So I will be sharing my simplistic book review (more like my impressions and thoughts) right here, real soon.