23 August 2009

NY Times - Bill Cunningham says Bicycles are Stylishly IN!!

(photo by Bill Cunningham via NY Times.com
my fav photo from the slide show..)

Just returned from a leisurely Sunday brunch and sat down with the New York Times...
Woo Hoo!

Bill Cunningham's piece in the Style section of the New York Times is just too, too good.
Everybody stop now and go here, NOW!!!! ....On the Street - Happy Trails

Bill Cunningham has been riding his own bike to capture street fashion in NYC for years. He narrates his slide shows .... his words are gems of astute observations that make for a good sneak peek and understanding of the newest fashion trends.

p.s you don't have to be a fashionista to enjoy this. It's got a great bicycle advocacy message to it.

p.s.s. Even a doggie wears his bicycle helmet!

Oh, and what's your favorite look from the slide show?