17 July 2009

Vivienne Westwood .... Pashley Bicycle

(photo via glamourmagazine.co.uk)

I loved coming across this little interview with Vivienne Westwood. It answers a reader's question in a prior post with Vivienne as to what bicycle she rides. It's a Pashley.

"How far do you cycle?

Every day from home to work, which is Clapham to Battersea. But I would cycle anywhere in town.

What bike do you ride?

I ride a Pashley.

Why do you cycle?

Because it’s convenient and the quickest way to get around.

Cycling tip?

I never ride very fast. If necessary, I walk up the hills. Sometimes I carry high-heels in the basket if I’m going somewhere where I’ll be needing them."

Via the londonPaper

***Right now Girls and Bicycles has a nice 'Pashley 101', her personal review of the bicycle.

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