28 July 2009

Summer Dresses and the Bicycle

Pretty Summer Dresses...

(photo: RidngPretty)

This photo is one I took just a few days ago. Huge ocean swells coming ashore created quite the spectacle at Steamer's Lane as surfers took advantage of the best surfing in weeks and weeks. That's why all those people are there on that cliff in the background, they're watching the waves and the surfers. This is big excitement for Santa Cruz!

Her dress looks so easy. She's just thrown it on over her stripped bathing suit And don't forget the classy looking black leather bag either. Who says you have to bring a beach bag to the beach!

Some how her pink summer dress reminded me of another photo I had somewhere in my (ever growing) photo collection. So I dug that photo
out too to share with you. Sigh, such a pretty shade of turquoise...

( via Elle Belle)

Well I already have a sweet pink dress not too unlike the one in the top photo. I want to finish summer out with a turquoise strapless dress like this one. I am finding that for super hot weather nothing beats a strapless dress. You can easily add a cardy, a super light weight jacket for more versatility if you want to look more finished if your destination or situation calls for it.