12 May 2009

Bikey This and That

This posting is long over due...so today here it is.

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful finds that have come to me via my email.

First, a wonderful source for any and every Bicycle song you've never heard of and those you have. I use to keep a list of favs here on RidingPretty but RockandBike blew me away with the depth and yes wild obscurity of some of the finest Bicycle inspired music ever.

(Caroline is the Artist, 'Bicycle' is the Song via RockandBike)

I can't remember your face
But I remember your bicycle
How it took my breath away
How it took my breath away

Artist: Caroline
Song: Bicycle


Gruppo Bici Bicycle, a new Italian Bicycle distributor located in a Boulder, Colorado has a bicycle I've been eyeing...

(Atala via gruppobici.com)

If you are as charmed as I am by this bicycle let the good folks at Gruppo Bici (Michael Marsilio) know RidingPretty sent you. Perhaps one day I will actually be the owner of a NEW bicycle, which would be a first time event for me. I've been a 'second- hand Rose' and have only ever owned vintage, except for the brand new Schwinn I received for Christmas in the third grade.


(Betty Bicycle Basket Liner via Betty Basket Liners)

Betty Basket Liners...only wish I had a larger picture. This one will have to do which means you just have to go visit BettyBicycleBasketLiners for a real fine, FULL sized photo! Cute, cute I think and by all appearances very well made. Let Tara know RidingPretty sent you!