14 March 2009

Bicycle Style....Streets of San Francisco

(Bubble Bicycle and Jill B. )

( 2 Boys from Antioch --- Giants Baseball Fans in SF for the Giants Game)

I am so happy. I thought I'd lost these two photos last summer when my laptop crashed and burned. I'd lost all sorts of data forever ( I know backup your data and did I say BACK UP your data). At any rate I wanted to enter this PHOTO contest, and I wanted to submit something fresh, something I'd never posted here on this blog. I pulled out all sorts of old memory sticks...

So here you have it. 2 photos, once lost but now launched off into cyberspace for posterity!

To Jill B. the lovely lady in the first photo... thanks for showing me your beautiful Bubble Bicycle. I've lost your contact info and so wanted to run the YouTube videos of you as well, but can't find the links to them.

Hey you Guys, Antioch Rocks! Go Giants. You 2 Dudes are too COOL riding on your way dynamite bikes!