19 February 2009

Head Wear Look on the Runway ... Bicycling Fashion 2009

NYC Fashion Week is winding up tomorrow on Friday. I've been keeping an eye out for any bicycling fashion showing up on any of the Runways for 2009. Here's what I've been finding so far...

Bicycle Helmet Fashion Copenhagen curated by RidingPretty

A riding style hat shown recently on the runway by Designer Remix during the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Can the acceptance and fashionable wearing of actual ‘protective’ head wear, as in a stylish bicycle helmet, going to be very far behind I wonder?

Bicycle Helmet High Fashion Inspiration Luella curated by RidingPretty
photocredit/source: via www.style.com

Luella also has this riding style head wear for Spring 2009. Very pink, very pretty.

Bicycle Fashion Garance Celine curated by RidingPretty
photocredit/source: via atomicecho

Celine has very sweet bicycle riding attire. And aptly described as a 'sportswear couture' Collection;"Bicyclette". So very much in step with the Parisian style of cycling. Look for the skirt with concealed shorts, dresses with hems longer at the back, and all designed with the bicyclist in mind. Notice the head wear/helmet in this very pretty sketch by Garance Doré.

Oh, by the way maybe a trend...