15 December 2008

Classic and Vintage in Fashion

anthony pics 1
anthony pic 2

Photocredit/source:Cyclotoine/Anthony (bicycle owner & male model);

Matty Conrad (photographer);

Leah Orton (art director & hair stylist from ‘the fix’ Hair Salon, Victoria, BC)

The photos came from Anthony. He is also the male model…along with his two girlfriends.
"The bicycles are my own personal collection. That's me with my track bike and the other two are my girlfriend's rides. The raleigh I no longer own. Both the marinoni I am posing with and the GIOS are bikes I have built/refurbished to nearly show like condition. They are ridden occassionally for their original intended purpose. In other words, the GIOS is used only for recreational road riding (not commuting or any such thing) and the Marinoni is only ridden in velodromes."
You have to admit these photos can brighten up a winter day!!!

***** correction: Neither of these two women are the girlfriend of Cyclotoine (Anthony) They are models chosen to model with bicycles belonging to Cyclotoine and ridden by his girlfriend.