12 November 2008

ETSY & STYLEHIVE… Bicycle Chic Holiday Shopping Guide

Keep this handy. It’s a link to a list of fabulous finds, all bicycle themed and sourced from ETSY, plus it’s all easily, visually organized on Stylehive for your convenience. Just click on the swirling ‘follow me to the hive’…****Stylehive button on the top of the page to find everything bicycle chic themed listed there. This has been an ongoing process I started long ago with the bicycle chic savvy shopper in mind.

However, now that the Holidays are upon us, lets get shopping with our bicycle loving crafters and artists!

So, want to see and get a taste of what you’ll find? Well I’ve selected a number of items from ETSY. I will start by offering you a few of my favorites so you can get an idea of what you’ll find. Here we go.


Okay, this was tough to only feature just one, so here are all three fantastic bicycle fingerless gloves. Each is super special.

        Corpseknit...or find on ETSY

        HandbyHand...or find on ETSY

        NanasKnits ...or find on ETSY

Looking for a pair of sparkly ankle cuffs? SOLD OUT

        Cyclechic ...or find on ETSY

…. a shiney cyclist ornament for your xmas tree?

        Marriageofmetal ...or find on ETSY

…a bicycle bag that is really (pirate/skullbones) different!

        Pursecution...or find on ETSY 

… a crystal encrusted bicycle bell?

        sparkledawne ...or find on ETSY

… a totally hot handcrafted bike reflector?

        Yabettasupadont...or find on ETSY

…a pair of bicycle streamers that are screaming!

        CityStreamers...or find on ETSY

…an adorable crocheted bicycle seat cover/warmer?

        Theladymissem...or find on ETSY

… a cheeky pair of bloomers?

        Avantegarb ...or find on ETSY

More fabulous favorites next week!

****note: I just noticed that StyleHive now requires you to join, in order to view the bicycle chic themed page I created for you. Sorry and my apologies. Before you were simply able to view the page before deciding if you wanted to join or not.

p.s. I was going to upload photos for each and every item listed here, but that was really a huge job. So take my word for it these are great finds and you just have to go look for yourself!!

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