06 October 2008

Nice & Roomy...Designer Style Bags

big bags 1 sepia

brown bag

Straight away I spotted the stylish bags. Big enough for all sorts of things. Why do women really love them so?... A great bag can yell 'fashionable' and give an outfit a 'look' before anything else does.

When asked why I wanted to take their photo, I explained I was looking for stylish bags being worn by bicycle riders that day (interestingly no sooner had I thought this, than these two came riding along!)

We talked a tiny bit. I learned that both were avid bicyclists and one said she'd ridden her ENTIRE life. This unlike 'por moi' who rode as a kid, plus a few years during college, than briefly during a 'get fit' & lycra /wanna be racing period that lasted a few short weeks.

Ultimately... myself could only 'see' myself riding like I did as a kid & during college. Meaning I rode most always girly(when I was little), wearing dresses, little outfits, then onto vintage and so forth. So that's exactly what I did when I returned to bicycling.

**** don't adjust your monitor. I'm just experimenting with sepia coloring