21 September 2008

Funny Facts…

Or why you can’t always trust what you read. I just realized there is a cloud of obscurity surrounding where to get your fresh fix of proudly ‘Made in the USA’ bicycle/cycle chic!! This as evidenced by having just read this article in the Canadian National Post. Chock full of mistruths.

In it, it attributes Stateside (USA) bicycle/cycle chic best blogs as belonging to first UrbanCycleChic and then the Satorialist. UrbanCycleChic is based in Hackney/London! Plus it has only been around a few short months. As far as the Sartorailist goes, he has maybe a dozen or so bicycle photos, not exactly dedicated.

Come on!

Promise, here on RidingPretty you will find and you are likely to see a wide range of highly individual bicycles… favoring vintage bicycles if anything! Cruiser bicycles show up in my photos a lot for some reason...

Don’t get me wrong…love, love, love bicycle/cycle from the rest of the 4 corners of the world. It’s just that we have plenty of bicycle/cycle chic inspiration right here! Wouldn’t you agree!

Come on!

Let’s show the world!