22 September 2008

Jump! Into a Jumpsuit that is …Incredibly NOW & CHIC Bicycle Fashion

Here is what she was wearing way back during the Summer. Great! I thought, since I have a vintage clothing collection and own no less that 10 jumpsuits (or catsuit/romper/playsuit/all-in-ones)… all of which I have stashed away in my prized storage vault. I’ve been a collector for years having been a photo stylist, wardrobe mistress, designer & ect. …all of that definitely fans the fire to acquire those special & fabulous fashion finds. Plus it’s in my blood, I have been wearing vintage since I started my collecting at age 14.

So onto to 2009’s spring season forecast for the hottest look…which was already making headway when I first blogged about it here. If you check out that old post you'll find links to some good forecasts.

It’s a good choice for bicycling and looking incredibly chic. You can expect to see it every kind of fit and fabric from all sorts of designers. All the major fashion editors have enthused. I like this one write up (out of literally dozens of write ups popping up everywhere). Here it is, NYTIMES... 'Zip, A New Attitude'.

If you are into DIY …then run to your local thrift store and peruse the sewing pattern bin/section. I found three great jumpsuit patterns for a nickel a piece just a few weeks ago.