28 June 2008

Embracing all bike tribes—Pure Style

Starting with a new series here---I am offering a look into various bicycle rider's personal fashion & style…both in the bicycle they ride and the clothes they wear. I hope to showcase pure style in each and every one of all the various bike tribes. In this case STYLE wins…STYLE trumps over everything else (meaning zero bike snobbery/judgments!)

I started with this premise; “You have a look and a bicycle that makes people take a second look. Words to describe you; chic, fashionable, individualistic, sharp….. AND a bicycle you prize and it’s a ‘looker’ as well.”

Why? Usually I focus on Slow Rides and my preferred bicycle tribe: ‘Sit-Up & Beg.’ However, not so in this series. It’s because I really do love fashion. When ever I find it.

I embrace Pure Style! And ALL the Bike Tribes! Whatever gets you on your Bike! Ride!