17 June 2008

Bring Your Bicycle Onboard—Amtrak

Amtrak has a one month US National rail pass for $469.00-off peak or $599.00-on peak and that’s still a deal. Here’s the scoop on bringing your bicycle. Oh, imagine the places you can go...

‘Many Options for Bike-Riding Passengers

We offer several options for transporting your bicycle with you on your Amtrak journey.

· Bicycles stored onboard in bike racks.

· Bicycles as checked baggage in a box or other secure container.

· Bicycles as checked baggage secured by tie-down equipment, not in a box.

· Folding bicycles brought onboard as carry-on baggage. Availability varies.

Note: Onboard bike space is limited and is not available on all trains. Not all stations or trains have checked baggage service.

On some Amtrak trains you can roll your bike up to the train and secure it in a bike rack, unboxed.’