12 May 2008

Wear a Dress and be Safe

Don’t just take my word for it. Really here is what others have said….

According to Ms Sarah

‘Evidently there was a study done with a man who rode in a variety of attire. Once with full-on road bike garb and helmet. Then with bike clothes and no helmet. Then with a women's wig and a helmet in bike clothes. Then in women's wig, no helmet, and a dress. Apparently the last combination, with dress et all, traffic gave him the widest berth!’

According to Chain, chain, chain

‘This is totally unscientific, but I'm convinced it's true. When the weather is warm and I am dressed, I swear, drivers are nicer to me. Maybe a girl in a skirt on a bike makes them nostalgic for the '50s so they're in a better mood.’