29 May 2008

Helmet Hair-dos

I’ve never much minded the dreaded ‘helmet hair’ so many women fear they will get from wearing a helmet.

The longer one’s hair is, seemingly corresponds to more complaints (especially during the summer) that it’s just too hot to wear a helmet. Well I have long hair and what I like to do is wear my hair in a low ponytail, and to the side. If it’s a high ponytail it won’t fit under my helmet. If it’s a ponytail that gets tied at the back, it tends to get my neck too sweaty. Also big super loose braids work for me …that way my hair ends up slightly wavy and since I have very straight hair I like the effect.

Even with having a shorter hairstyle are there still plenty of fears about getting a sweaty head? Then certainly choose a helmet that is well ventilated! While I don’t use them personally, I think a buff/scarf/bandana worn beneath the helmet could also do the trick.

Once I get to where I’m going I love my spritzer bottle of rose hydrosol water to refresh with. After my ride I flip my head over, give a spritz and brush my hair out, flip my head back again and I‘m set. For others the opposite approach works and a little spritzer bottle with a favorite hairspray/hair fixer spritzed on before and/or after wearing the helmet works great. This is followed by a quick brush out & ‘style it’ after arriving.

(Anyway I like the ‘mussed up’ hair look.)

Anyone out there with suggestions for great hairstyling products to revamp hairstyles with?