11 April 2008

Discover It!... My List of Bicycle Chic Products Galore! …StyleHive

A lot of people don’t get the StyleHive feature button I’ve placed on this blog. “What’s it for?” I get asked.

Let me count the ways! If you are looking for just about anything bicycle (chic) related, you’ve just got to check it out. I’ve listed so many categories (I blogged this before in a prior post), but really take my word and check it out!

If you ‘follow me’ in the hive you’ll get wind of new listings…wonderful things! Now you can so easily find ‘bicycle chic’ all in one place. Receive new listing updates from me at Stylehive if you want by requesting it. Or just check back here on this blog and I will keep you informed too.

Another oft asked question I get is;” Why do you bother to do it?” IT’S FOR YOU. A GIFT. I myself, want to feel really smashing, stylish, cute, (and a zillion more adjectives) when I bicycle. I’m sharing with you my favorite finds.

Then comes this amusing little question/observation; “What, you don’t get anything for doing it? Followed by…”You should make a little extra on the side…..”

So let me know/email me. For now it’s a labor of love, one I really do love to do!!