25 January 2008

Day One…..


It's all meant to inspire you to be as stylish and chic as you ever dreamt of being while riding your bicycle.

You can finally now discover ways to wear your bicycle helmet to match your outfits.

(I actually started blogging about all things bicycle, fashion ect in 2007, but relaunched and renamed to RidingPretty - January 2008. :) that previous name of my blog was so awful... Believe me RidingPretty as a name was so much better!)

****Update to the "Day One" Post
Welcome to a time machine!

Every year I continue to do this blog I will return to this opening page "Day One".  I am choosing the time machine to be set during the first week of each new year... a time frame to return here and write a little note.

It's 2009 and here's looking back at 2008.

In early March 2008 I was amazed to find my bicycle helmet cover had been discovered by GlamNetwork's PopGloss. I had tried so hard to be very stealth as I was still trying to figure out how to use Etsy to showcase my designs. My webpage was not built yet either. 2. April 17th 2008.... LondonCycleChic posted my Jackie O Helmet Coveron her blog the day after I timidly posted it here myself . I cringed. I still was not ready for prime time! But it certainly got the ball rolling! Here's what she had to say;
"Loving this Jackie O inspired helmet cover from the creator of Californian cycle chic blog Riding Pretty . Not entirely sure how practical it is but quite frankly who cares... decadent and divine!"
On August 13th 2008...EcoMetro finds me and includes me as an eco crafter:

 "Each Thursday we'll bring you our favorite gems picked out from scouring local craft markets, Etsy, Lov.li, and local craft sites. We'll also give highlights from our other EcoMetro cities. Materials must meet our environmental criteria, which include recycled/reclaimed materials and eco fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, and soy fabrics and yarns."

 "A head scarf and shades have long been a symbol of a weekend drive in style. These custom bonnets bring the fashion to a new form of transportation--bikes. Made to fit over a bike helmet, with a visor and chin tie, this is our pick of the week for crafty fashion statement."
 Momentum Magazine Issue #36...I have a photo of my mine published on page 15. And I have been added as a contributor to Momentum Magazine My photography is getting appreciated and published! I was recruited by Amy the editor who had very encouraging words to say to me in an email. Amy, if you ever happen upon this I hope you don't mind I've quoted you!.
"Beautiful photos! I'd love it if you were to send us a regular style photo - just like the sartorialist - only on bikes."
On November 4th 2008...CycleChic Fashion Show in Cork Ireland. My first fashion runway show with the video and also the pics!!!!! 
"RidingPretty is the young Californian Shelly Schroeder's initiative dedicated to all those girls in the world who want to look pretty while riding their bicycle. Shelly has designed helmet covers with style as the foremost reason in mind...a way to cover up your bicycle helmet, stay cosy and warm in winter, cool and sun protected in summer. Be and look fabulous in your bicycle helmet!"
 That's a wrap for 2008! 
Another visit to the time machine! Goodbye 2009 -  Hello 2010!
It's been another wonderful year of blogging. I've decided not to do a retrospective of all the many key touchstones for 2009, there were just sooo many!!- even dare I say too too many to give a fair summary of - SO what it all adds up to, what I really want to say is it just keeps getting better and better. Pick any month from 2009 and you will find it's true! 

Probably what I'm most glad I did blogging wise in 2009 is to set up a separate blog dedicated to  RidingPretty Designs. It's where I can blog to my hearts content, and be my arty and fashion crazy self. Originally when I started the blog you are presently reading I thought I'd be doing a lot, lot more fashion/design exploratory creative lab for my helmet covers. 

Within a month I realized a different direction was shaping up, and this blog (you are reading) was taking on a life of it's own. Come to think of it the other spontaneous thing that happened here on this blog was The Tweed Report. I keep getting sent these wonderful Tweed Ride invitations for the various Tweed Rides plus accumulating a lot of dates and such. So Cheers Dears! And that's how that happened!
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