19 April 2011

World Visitors at London Tweed Run

San Francisco Couple London Tweed Run by Antonia shared  by RidingPretty

Antonia's Family LONDON Tweed Run by Antonia shared  by RidingPretty

Pretty Girl London Tweed Run by FireGoat22 shared  by RidingPretty

In the first photo that’s Kelly & Robert from San Francisco...

People from all over the world come to ride in the London Tweed Run. There were reports of other riders coming from Auckland as well, plus a few continentals mixed in. The London Tweed Ride is becoming sort of a ‘bucket list'- a must do, as overheard and twittered about.

Good news: there is already a Fall London Tweed Run in the works!

My favorite family photo of the day has to be this one of Antonia’s family. The “God Save the Queen” flag as partially seen in this photo was a big hit – it’s draped over the child carrier from where the little one peeped out and enjoyed the ride. I also hear tell Antonia’s husband Ian, won the “Best Mustache” award. Yes, indeed!

Lastly, I just love the photo of the lovely lass…

photo credits:
top photo / second photo: *antonia*, and her delightful blog

third photo: Firegoat22