31 August 2010

Gaby Basora REALLY Likes Riding her Bicycle – nymag

According to this recent interview in NYMag, Gaby Basora really does like her bicycle!

Below are snippets from that interview. I found them so worth sharing with you…

"…I like to find obscure little vintage stores and antique shops. I do a lot of exploring — I ride my bike pretty much everywhere and pop into random stores."

"… I ride my bike a lot, and I end up in pants more often than I wish — the long skirts tend to get caught in my wheel."

What's something you never leave the house without? --- "My bicycle — I pretty much ride year-round. I lived in Amsterdam when I was younger, and you develop this complete resiliency to ride straight into the wind."

Now I'm off to find a photo of Gaby and her bicycle. Hmmh, I wonder what she rides?

p.s. Gaby will be the next quest designer for Target. ---And will Gaby ever consider getting a skirt guard put on her bicycle!?