31 May 2010

Coastal Bohemian Blues

California Highway 1 Bicycle by ridingpretty

Is this not the perfect bicycle for me, at least for today anyway....

California Highway 1 Bicycle by ridingpretty


Quiet times and a wonderful meal at the sea shore.....

meal at the seashore by  ridingpretty


Seriously I've been quite distressed over the oil spill - with no way to come to terms with expressing just what it is I feel about it all - let alone how to do it on my little bicycle lifestyle/fashiony blog.

I look at photos of my day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I feel this warrior earth goddess well up in myself. I love these sea creatures great and small. I must have been a selkie in a prior life.

Now excuse me while I share some of my favorite friends....

XXXXXXXshared by  ridingpretty
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