07 April 2010

DIY: Shoes Stay-on While Bicycling

DIY - How to keep your shoes/heels from falling off (in traffic-yikes!) while riding your bicycle...

heels and bikes photo by ridingpretty

I use to have this problem - certain shoes would fall off, worst of all in traffic!
I know others have had this problem too.

It's even happened to me during this photo shoot whilst jumping on my bicycle (last photo). There is a solution that came to me one day! One that I've been using for quite some time now - though not in the prior mentioned photo shoot. Anyway I decided to share it now in this post....

photo by ridingpretty

Scrunchies to the rescue! My scrunchie collection.


susie bubble on a bike shared by ridingpretty
(photo credit: Style Bubble)

While on the topic of scrunchies, Susie @ Style Bubble wears scrunchies with her heels too!! She does it to pretty up her shoes, though not necessarily having anything to do with keeping her shoes from falling off while riding a bicycle.

♥♥♥Susie is one of my very favorite fashion bloggers!
And she does ride a bicycle .....

susie style bubble on a bicycle shared by ridingpretty
(photo credit: Style Bubble)