07 April 2009

Acai Cafe and Bikes...Monterey Cruiser

New discovery in Santa Cruz...

I promise to return soon to this fabulous new cafe and bring you more photos!!

I really love the built in bike racks that seamlessly meld into the wood wall. By the way the Acai menu is out of this world, .... the acai berry will fuel you up incredibly for any bike riding you're up for.

So addicted to the smoothies here. My favorite is the 'Hero', it's a mix of berries with acai berry, black berry, blueberry. YUM!


Free, Gratis, Libre'.... That's the sign... it's how I acquired my Monterey Cruiser. Simple, simple bicycle but an honest to goodness cruiser.

A 'beater bike' by most everyone's opinion. But how I love this bicycle!!!! 'Monterey' has a bit of a sentimental ring to it for me ...awwhhh...it's because I live next to the beautiful Monterey Bay.
So an apt name for my new 'beater' bicycle is 'Libre Monterey'.