18 March 2009

Vivienne Westwood Bikes the 'Green Carpet' - It's a Solar Powered Movie Premier --- "The Age of Stupid"

(photo via AP Photo)

Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood arrives via bicycle and rolls down the 'green carpet' for the world premiere of
"The Age of Stupid"...

This was the world's first entirely eco-friendly and first solar-powered movie premiere. "The Age of Stupid" -- this is a film about a future world devastated by climate change.

I know I will be going to see this film.

p.s. I think Vivienne looks WONDERFUL!


Before I forget....Check out the Otesha Project's Bike Tours:
"Otesha's 2009 cycling and performing tours are ready to roll! Teams of 12 to 18 motivated and energetic young people, aged 18 to 30, will set off on tours beginning this spring, summer and autumn. They will travel by bicycle throughout parts of Canada performing a play and offering workshops on sustainability and social justice issues to schools and community groups."