06 February 2009

SF Tweed Ride Update -- A Letter Reprinted in its Entirety ..

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for promoting the Tweed Ride! It stands to be a brilliant outing.

I thought your readers might like to know that I've added a new Tweed Ride update entitled A Tweed Primer.

It mentions some tweed-style tips and advice for quality establishments for tweed, but most importantly it gives more motivation to join our tweedy adventure:

SF Tweed Ride Contests and prizes!
  • Most Dapper Chap
  • Most Snappy Lass
  • Most Stylish Vintage Steed
  • Most Inspired Interpretation of Tweediness
  • Best Mustache — open to both lads and inventive lasses
With smashing prizes donated by
Velo-Orange, Manifesto Bicycle, The Freewheel Bike Shop, Refried Cycles, and Prof. NifNaks Fine Moustachios!

Sincerely Yours,
Colin Arbuthnot Winer Fahrion

p.s. we will be meeting up with East Bay Tweed at 7:00pm at 16th St. Mission BART (earliest BART that allows bikes arrives at 16th St. Mission at 6:45pm)