26 January 2009

Dapper Cyclists |Tweed Run London | SF Tweed Ride


2009 London Tweed Run
Tweed Run, you must go check it out for the incredibly dapper and chic gentlemen riding the streets of London! Check for the rest of the photos and story from Arkit (a great write up about the event), Roxy (the photographer) and especially Prolly is Not Probably where I first found out about the London Tweed Run.

 Please enjoy these fine looking Gentlemen! 

(A video link from the original 2009 London Tweed Ride was posted here, but since has been removed and is no where to be found.)


No sooner do you wish it, then it happens...this just in for all of you swooning over these fine cycling, tweed wearing gents. Guess what just came in from Colin. An Invitation to an inaugural San Francisco Tweed Ride:
February 12th will mark the inaugural San Francisco Tweed Ride 2009. 


Update: The San Francisco Tweed Ride is the first organized Tweed Ride or Tweed Run to occur anywhere in the world apart from the original London Tweed Run 2009. Colin organized it within hours after reading about the London Tweed Run in this exact post here on RidingPretty's blog. He contacted me quickly to let know a SF Tweed Ride was in the works, so I was able to announce the SF Tweed Ride immediately and changed the post title to include both London Tweed Run and SF Tweed Ride in this very same post. What fun that was!

More from Colin and the First SF Tweed Ride is here.