07 October 2008

DIY…Convertible Rain Cape..Weekend Designer...Bicycle Fashion

reversable rain cape DIY shared by RidingPretty
Everything you need to know to make this fabulous rain cape is here. It includes the materials needed plus very good instructions as how to make the pattern all by yourself.

‘The waterproof rain cape is excellent for touring or commuting; in just a couple of seconds, you can slip it on over whatever you’re wearing, and you are protected from the rain’

So below is the actual pattern for the rain cape. Of cource you will need all the "how to's " to make this, so go visit the Weekend Designer.

reversable rain cape DIY pattern shared by RidingPretty
photocredit/source: Weekend Designer

NOW ... I will also include this from Instructibles if you want to make a super simple rain poncho out of old (yes old as in used) shower curtains click here

OR maybe you could do as I was planning which is to sort of combine the pattern from weekend designer along with the shower curtain idea. Or a second thought was to use vinyl or plastic picnic table cloths. In case my thrift store hunt fails me, just this once I was thinking of buying new shower curtain in some very Scandinavian designer prints like ones I’ve seen at IKEA

Whatever you do if you decide to use just a fabric, don’t scotch guard your fabric. See the comment I left over at Sweet Georgis Brown in her very clever DIY pannier post.

This it too funny….over at ChicCyclist you can find a great posting on making a riding cape. Talk about synchronicity… I’d been holding off posting my rain cape until we had our first rains here. I wanted to go get some photos of girls in rain wear to go with it! So in synchronicity with ChicCyclist up went this timely post!