29 September 2008

How to Send in Photos & Why you Should !

Would you like to submit photos to RidingPretty ..Bicycle / Cycle Chic Blog.?

Then you are at the right place! Just Click here.

Your photos of you or someone you see 'ridingpretty' are most WELCOME!! Since the USA is oft considered to be lagging behind and not having much of any real or viable bike culture ... THEN lets prove that we DO have very fashionable & stylish bicycle riders and our USA bike culture is HOT..

All photos from around the world are welcome. Especially if somebody somewhere is trying to tell you your country has no bike culture either. Prove that you do!

Be real, be your individualistic self, personalize your ride, and show off your style! That's how your photo submission makes the cut and will be most certainly included on the ridingpretty blog.

Keep Riding Pretty !!!