11 April 2008

Look who loves to bicycle…

While I’m not a huge celebrity gawker, I love it that celebrities do help to raise awareness, and can possibly inspire us…. get us out of our cars and out bicycling.

Ladies who decide to park the car and bicycle instead.

Gisele Bundchen -“I go every day to work on my bike,” Ms. Bundchen told the Daily News a couple of years ago. “It’s faster than a car, and cheaper.”

Jerry Hall- “I ride a... bicycle or take taxis. My bicycle has an old-fashioned leather seat and basket; there are fantastic circuits in Richmond Park, which I use.”


See if you can pick out Chloe, Kate (H), Elle, Angelina, Giselle, Jennifer (G), Madonna (2 pics). And then there is Daryl Hannah, who is really working it strongly for Bicycle Advocacy.

* photo source/credit given if you want them and leave me a comment.